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At Cerium Technology, we selected Fujitsu as our leading IT partner for high-end scanners to support local and federal government, and healthcare entities. We believe in Fujitsu’s corporate philosophy and their long-term commitment to customers. We rely on their strengths in premium scanners to serve our customers with solid solutions designed to meet every business need.

Fujitsu's company culture is described as “shaping the future of society and business.” They consider Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as the backbone to success. Together, we focus on society as a whole, and not just the business at hand.

Like Fujitsu, we at Cerium Technology strive to help you shape your business. With the right equipment strategy and implementation plan, your company can gain a competitive edge, be prepared for advancing technologies, and increase overall productivity.

We offer a broad selection of state-of-the-art scanners, so you can select the products and features you need, suited to the state and size of your business.

At Cerium Technology, we trust in our cutting-edge partnership with Fujitsu, and we know our customers will also.

Fujitsu is the answer to our quest for state-of-the-art scanners for government and health industries. As a certified reseller of Fujitsu scanner products, Cerium Technology works hand-in-hand with the company to ensure we know the products, understand product capabilities, and stay current on new technologies as they are developed and become available.

Fujitsu offers a diversified number of ScanSnap and fi Series image scanner models, designed to support any business need. These world-class scanners offer tremendous value in features:

fi Series

  • fast and efficient scanning
  • duplex scanning
  • volume scanning
  • stable document feedability
  • high quality image processing
  • auto correction for images


  • simple one-push document capture
  • fast, easy conversion to PDF or JPEG
  • compact portable size

Fujitsu does scanners; Cerium Technology gets you there!

Cerium Technology works in partner with Fujitsu to provide support solutions for your premium scanner products. We are confident in our solid partnership and the products you select, and we trust they will improve your business functions, save costs, and increase productivity. Both Cerium Technology and Fujitsu have the proven track records to stand behind our products and our customer support model.

With a well-planned strategy for business success and a seamless integration of these high-end products, you see results:

  • seamless dissemination of documents between sites
  • increased efficiency in digitized offices
  • improved business processes
  • efficient data storage plan
  • potential in paperless environments
  • clear and concise imagery for government and patient records

With our combined experience, products, and support, Cerium Technology and Fujitsu provide a credible, established service for your small or medium-sized business.

We provide industry best scanners, so you can focus on productivity!