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Kodak combines their unmatched experience in scanners and software tools with Cerium Technology’s desktop and server solutions to the benefit of your small or medium-sized business. Together, we provide a portfolio of products and services that modernize and automate government, insurance, and healthcare transactions and records.

We support Kodak’s mission to help customers be more accessible, efficient, secure, and sustainable. We offer:

  • premium quality scanners
  • seamless integration in Kodak software
  • connectivity to imaging products
  • access to Kodak’s CapturePro solutions
  • robust document management system
  • SharePoint integration
  • Smart Touch scanning-task automation

With our Cerium Technology and Kodak blended solution, our customers enjoy the expert service and support of our Cerium Technology professionals along with Kodak’s state-of-the-art scanning products and software tools. Invest in trusted technology leaders and industry best partners.

We provide imaging tools for the future!

Kodak's quality scanners enable government, insurance, and healthcare entities to increase productivity while at the same time decrease costs.

You easily scan and digitize images and paper documents such as permit applications, patient file charts, police incident reports, and employee applications directly from your desktop. With Kodak’s cutting-edge scanners, you effortlessly:

Fconvert large volumes with ease
  • digitize paper documents
  • save physical storage space
  • retain image and document integrity
  • automate repetitive scanning tasks
  • scan, organize, save, and route in one touch
  • scan to e-mail, files, network folders, printers, and desktop applications
  • As a solid Kodak partner, Cerium Technology is prepared to provide your business with the strategies needed to automate business processes, enable expert business decisions, and ensure a superior customer experience.

    At Cerium Technology, we care enough to partner with the best!

    The Kodak software solution provides strength in its productivity options for government, insurance, and healthcare entities.

    Cerium Technology and Kodak stand behind a variety of software tools designed to streamline your business workflow. Select from a variety of solutions that optimize your business—for scanning, SharePoint integration, asset management, and information management:

    • CapturePro Network Edition
    • CapturePro Auto Import Edition
    • CapturePro Arabic OCR Module
    • CapturePro Desktop Software
    • Smart Touch
    • SharePoint Info Activate Solutions
    • Asset Management Software
    • Information Management Solution

    Together, Cerium Technology and Kodak provide premier customer satisfaction—with our combined portfolio of scanning and software solutions, efficient processes, advanced technologies, and leading edge in customer satisfaction rates.

    Your efficiency, accessibility efficiency, security, and sustainability are thorough Cerium Technology’s highest concern.