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Cerium Technology Networking Services provides the backbone for your organization's Information Systems (IT) infrastructure. This service is vital to your operations. When you select a service provider to install and maintain essential components to your business, you expect the best. Our comprehensive Networking Services model ensures that every router and node work together for a reliable solution.

We understand that increased reliability, customer satisfaction, and lower overall cost of ownership are important to your business. We can plan and design a network configuration that fits your business and your budget. Our core Networking Services model includes:

  • design, installation, and maintenance of backbone infrastructures
  • virtual private networking
  • network monitoring and analysis of performance/bandwidth utilization
  • network security implementation
  • intrusion detection
  • capacity management
  • performance monitoring
  • general administration of your network

We have a solid understanding of network and systems architecture, and we ensure proactive network management to minimize potential problems.

Cerium Technology Remote Access Connection provides a reliable source for your off-hours support. We remotely access your network, applications, and data assets in a secure and stable environment. We select from a variety of products to facilitate access to your corporate network: TS Gateway, Citrix, VPN, and more. We design and implement a secure remote access solution to fit your needs.

We provide flexible Remote Access Connection support options to accommodate the needs and budgets for your small or medium-sized business.

  • weekly server and workstation maintenance and patching
  • backup maintenance
  • up-to-date antivirus solutions
  • regular review of server and backup log files
  • user and desktop support

Our Cerium Technology staff is trained in a wide range of IT products and solutions for a Remote Access Connection.

Your immediate and efficient support is important to us, and our Remote Access Connection services are your solution.

With our Cerium Technology Server Administration package, your company is covered by current industry-leading technologies that support your legacy applications hardware and manage your data security. Our Information Technology (IT) infrastructure solutions are simplified, flexible, and robust. We manage your IT environment, while you focus on your business goals and objectives. We take the complexity out of IT server management.

Our Cerium Technology Server Administration services provide administrative services that can accommodate a network of any size. Our client-focused staff of server administrators is trained in hardware and software platforms to provide services that are modeled after your business objectives.

Our server design and installation services are customized based on your new or existing IT infrastructure. You select the level of support and service you need while we optimize and maintain your existing servers and related components. We expect to improve your system performance and end-user computer networking experiences.

We understand the importance of efficient, reliable and cost effective IT solutions.